Recruitment Services

Cheryl McCormack recognises that organisations need a recruitment partner with in-depth knowledge in the art of recruitment combined with access to state of the art technology.

Making the decision to engage the services of an ‘Expert Recruiter’ is difficult enough, selecting which one to engage can be a minefield!

In response to this dilemma, organisations sometimes resort to listing their vacancy with multiple agencies, avoiding making a commitment and thinking it will provide them with a wider selection of talent from which to select.

Sadly, nothing could be more removed from the truth!

Here’s just a few reasons why it’s a ‘no win’ game to multi-list your vacancy!

  1. When a recruiter understands that they may not get a fee for work completed they automatically move down a few notches in the time and effort they will invest – wouldn’t you?
  2. What they will do is a sprint!
  3. They know that they need to be one of the first, if not the first across the line in their candidate presentation to you – so they rush
  4. What usually characterises ‘rushing‘?
    • haste – and we all know that means waste & it’ll likely be your time that gets wasted!
    • cutting corners – this can mean all manner of nasties that could come back to bite your organisation including but not limited to;
      • not gaining the candidate’s permission before submitting their CV to you
      • not properly discussing the role at all with the candidates
      • not checking the skills are a match
      • not checking it is pitched correctly remuneration wise
      • taking no notice of distance to the organisation travel wise
      • not carrying out due diligence ie – previous employment reference checks, verifying qualifications
  5. Two or more agencies cross the finish line at the same time with the same candidates and arguments ensue, this doesn’t do much for your organisation’s image
  6. Because you have effectively set a race in motion, you are likely to receive too many CV’s which you then have to spend time working through otherwise, if you agree to meet them all you are likely to be wasting even more of your valuable time…got the picture?
  7. Oh, and only one recruiter gets paid for their work – who else do you know works for nought??

It is just not the way to go for anyone – you, the candidate or the recruiters!

The following information is aimed at assisting your organisation in partnering with an expert – even if it is not me (Cheryl McCormack) whatever you do, do yourself and your organisation a huge favour and select one good reputable recruiter to work with!

Our Recruitment Services features

  • Two service levels depending on salary package
  • Onsite meeting at your premises to accurately scope the requirements
  • Provision of an agreed Scope and Time Line outlining Outcomes Based Recruitment goals & completion dates
  • Extensive advertising & promotional campaign included in the placement fee
  • Assessment of preferred candidates soft & hard skills with your choice of one psychometric assessment included in the placement fee
  • An employment reference is secured in writing on each candidate presented in the shortlist, additional references secured for the preferred candidate prior to any offer being conferred
  • Working with Children and Police Checks as appropriate
  • Ability to progress the recruitment from ‘Market’ to ‘Candidate Shortlist’ as soon as three weeks and no longer than six weeks

Our Recruitment Services benefits

  • A personalised, tailored recruitment program rather than a standard offering can greatly assist in a more robust result
  • 16 to 26-week replacement guarantees providing greater protection for your organisation
  • Considerable skill and knowledge applied to the marketing of your vacancy increasing the probability of long-term placement tenure
  • Provision of employment references in writing – no short cuts taken!
  • Inclusion of one hard skills (technical) assessment and one psychometric assessment providing more insight into your preferred candidate prior to progressing to the offer stage – both are included in the placement fee!
  • Listing exclusively with one recruiter means you will get Cheryl McCormack’s 100 percent focus on your recruitment project
  • Engaging a highly experienced recruiter means you are accessing three-decades of sourcing, interviewing and people deciphering know-how!

Service options

Executive Recruitment

Salary packages $100,000 and above

15% placement fee includes the following services;

  • 26-week replacement guarantee
  • One hard skills assessment and one psychometric assessment carried out with your preferred candidate prior to offer
  • A minimum of two previous employment references provided in writing
    WWCC or Police Check undertaken on preferred candidate
  • 3-part payment of fee i.e. $2,000 retainer on signing TOB, 80% of remaining fee on offer & acceptance, final 20% at successful completion of the 26-week replacement guarantee

Non-Executive Recruitment

Salary packages $60,000 to $99,999

12% placement fee includes the following services;

  • 16-week replacement guarantee
  • Two hard skills assessments carried out with your preferred candidate prior to offer
  • A minimum of two previous employment references provided in writing
    WWCC undertaken on preferred candidate
  • 3-part payment of fee i.e. $1,000 retainer on signing TOB, 80% of remaining fee on offer & acceptance, final 20% at successful completion of the 16-week replacement guarantee

Other Terms & Conditions

  • A volume discount of 20% will be offered when more than 1 vacancy is exclusively & simultaneously listed by the one organisation
  • An electronic Terms of Business will be provided immediately following the provision of the Recruitment Scope & TimeLine and must be signed prior to any work commencing
  • The appropriate retainer will be invoiced on return of the signed Terms of Business and must be paid within 48 hours for work to commence
  • The retainer is non-refundable as it is invested into the advertising and promotion of your vacancy
  • On successful offer and acceptance, 80% of the remaining fee (minus the retainer) will be invoiced and payable within 14 days for the replacement guarantee to remain valid
  • If the replacement guarantee is called upon, the recruitment of a replacement will commence as soon as possible so long as the terms of the guarantee in the TOB have been met. Once a successful replacement is found the final 20% of the original placement fee will be invoiced and payable within 14 days

What others are saying

Cheryl, I just love how professional you are, every step of the way you ace it! A big thank you for your help and guidance.

Nicky Pellegriti - TAS Assistant, MSBC

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the valuable assistance you’ve given me during my job search, you have generously shared your expertise.

Zoe, P - EA, CAS

I can’t thank you enough for your support in helping me secure the SJOG role, working with you is always such a positive experience!

Lynn Devitt - Casa Venegas, St John of God

I would just like to extend my gratitude for walking alongside me on this journey, thank you a hundred fold.

Abbel Gaspi - Project Officer, Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

We really enjoyed your time with our team, there was much learned about ourselves and each other, thanks again for your wise guidance.

Megan, S - MBTI Workshop

You have been the best recruiter I have met, committed, caring and with a strong work ethic.

Natalie Centoira - Placed candidate

Thanks for your professionalism, support and assistance.

Sonia Perez - Human Resources Manager, Oakhill College

Thank you so much for the opportunity to win the role with Envy Jewellery, I am enjoying it so much that I hope to be here for years to come!

Raewyn Wilson - Customer Service Coordinator, Envy Jewellery

Thanks to Cheryl and the team at McCormack’s for yet again sourcing an appropriate applicant and successfully filling an unusual vacancy at our College.  I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Joanne Kessey - Secretary to Mr Michael Blake, College Principal, Champagnat Catholic College Pagewood

I want to take a moment to thank you for all the support you’ve shown me throughout my job search process. I am so appreciative of not only the way you made me feel at our first meeting but your generosity with your time and resources.

Donna Laney - Senior Administration Officer – Student Services, Mt St Benedict College

Once again Cheryl, you have found a great position that suits my needs and skills. I will be forever grateful to you.

Kerrie Scarpellino - Placed Candidate

I am absolutely thrilled to be offered permanency. I wish to greatly thank you for all the effort in securing this position and for believing in me and encouraging me to move forward.

Nancy M - Placed Candidate, Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria

I am most grateful for the employment opportunities McCormack Employment gave me while I was studying and between jobs. Please pass on my kind regards to Cheryl, I am indebted to her for finding me such great jobs when I needed them.

Elizabeth Killey - Placed Candidate

Thank you for assigning great staff to our office, always helpful and proactive.

Mary Harrison - Sydney Catholic Schools, Southern Region

Thank you for your very kind donation to the Catholic Education Foundation Indigenous Bursary Program, it is greatly appreciated and we value your support of the Catholic Education Foundation.

Kathy Campbell - Head: Policy & Corporate Services, Catholic Education Foundation