Organisational Insights

Leadership Series (Part 1) Motivating Employees

Organisational success & employee happiness – can both be achieved?
In a word…Yes!

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‘Fit – Fit – Fit’ is to recruitment as ‘Location – Location – Location’ is to real estate…

I cut my teeth many moons ago as a young recruiter on the saying ‘Can do?’ ‘Will do?’ Will fit?’

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How you recruit does affect your brand – for richer or for poorer!

Some recruitment industry commentators say that recruitment is an ‘art’, others refer to the process as a ‘science’.

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The Hidden High Costs of Poor Recruitment Practices

Recruitment may not be rocket science but it is an art requiring experience and know-how otherwise the stakes can be too high…

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Teams – are yours Adding to or Subtracting from the Bottom Line?

Many organisations are acutely aware of just how important their people are to their overall performance…

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Artificial Intelligence, a Recruitment Panacea or Problematic?

Having been in the recruitment sector for 28 years I have seen it all, from the days when the sum…

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Candidate Skills – Are you just rolling the dice?

Organisations that don’t conduct candidate assessments before employing staff, run the risk of having under-skilled staff that jeopardise productivity.

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Is your organisation experiencing a tight candidate market?

It can be frustrating not to mention time consuming when the recruitment process does not deliver quality applicants quick time!

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Recruiting but time poor?

So many employers approach a recruitment project without a lot of planning or forethought. The repercussions of a poor hiring decision can be detrimental…

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Skills Testing Increases Recruitment Accuracy

Skills Testing Increases Recruitment Accuracy Companies that don’t rely on effective hard and soft skill testing before employing staff, run the risk of having under-skilled staff that jeopardise productivity levels and can end up costing the company time and money in training, staff turnover and re-employment. Through my many years of recruitment, I have seen […]

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What others are saying

I have great respect for McCormack Employment Services,  your down to earth & genuine interest in your applicants and that you have always treated me with dignity & respect for which I am also most grateful.
Anita S. - Executive Assistant

I always found your recruits a higher standard and your screening better.

Peter Ireland - (former Head - Governance, Policy & Risk, Sydney Catholic Schools)

Hey Cheryl,

Loved your insight into motivation, brought back memories. I’ve now been appointed as HSE Advisor for SA in a shared national role. I subscribed to your Leadership Insights Series to start the old grey matter up again.

Steve Francis - (former Retail Management Team, SA)

Cheryl, I just love how professional you are, every step of the way you ace it! A big thank you for your help and guidance.

Nicky Pellegriti - TAS Assistant, MSBC

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the valuable assistance you’ve given me during my job search, you have generously shared your expertise.

Zoe, P - EA, CAS

I can’t thank you enough for your support in helping me secure the SJOG role, working with you is always such a positive experience!

Lynn Devitt - Casa Venegas, St John of God

I would just like to extend my gratitude for walking alongside me on this journey, thank you a hundred fold.

Abbel Gaspi - Project Officer, Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney

We really enjoyed your time with our team, there was much learned about ourselves and each other, thanks again for your wise guidance.

Megan, S - MBTI Workshop

You have been the best recruiter I have met, committed, caring and with a strong work ethic.

Natalie Centoira - Placed candidate

Thanks for your professionalism, support and assistance.

Sonia Perez - Human Resources Manager, Oakhill College

Thank you so much for the opportunity to win the role with Envy Jewellery, I am enjoying it so much that I hope to be here for years to come!

Raewyn Wilson - Customer Service Coordinator, Envy Jewellery

Thanks to Cheryl and the team at McCormack’s for yet again sourcing an appropriate applicant and successfully filling an unusual vacancy at our College.  I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Joanne Kessey - Secretary to Mr Michael Blake, College Principal, Champagnat Catholic College Pagewood

I want to take a moment to thank you for all the support you’ve shown me throughout my job search process. I am so appreciative of not only the way you made me feel at our first meeting but your generosity with your time and resources.

Donna Laney - Senior Administration Officer – Student Services, Mt St Benedict College

Once again Cheryl, you have found a great position that suits my needs and skills. I will be forever grateful to you.

Kerrie Scarpellino - Placed Candidate

I am absolutely thrilled to be offered permanency. I wish to greatly thank you for all the effort in securing this position and for believing in me and encouraging me to move forward.

Nancy M - Placed Candidate, Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria